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How The Almas Are Revolutionizing Melodic Hard Rock Music with "The Crown"

The Almas

Rising from New Munster, Wisconsin,

The Almas is a Melodic Hard Rock band that is all about exposing this generation's shortcomings with their lyrical and musical prowess. Through the collective collaboration of the super-talented members, Crystal Teigland on Vocals, Frank Slifka on the Lead Guitar, Josh Sukowski covering the Rhythm Guitar, and Andrew Ehredt on the drum work, The Almas is all set to transcend genres and touch your hearts deeply with their music.

The Almas got all the necessary elements to be the perfect "Rock n' Roll" outfit. Whether it's the hardcore basslines, Gritty Riffs, or the Heavy beats, they got it all. After completing over 90 shows across the US, The Almas are set to launch the newest EP "The Almas II". They just dropped a single from the EP titled "The Crown".

The track starts off soft and prepares you for the chaos soon to be followed. Crystal's vocals are passionate and soothing, sparking deep emotions in your heart. The guitars are raw and tight not a missing single beat, a perfect mayhem. This is an absolute treat for fans of Hard Rock!

Dive into the Tune here -


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