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"Goodnight Suzie's 'Free': A Captivating Jazz-Pop Gem Igniting a Craving for Musical Freedom"

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Husband Wife Duo Performing

Goodnight Suzie, an infectious indie/pop band, boasts a dynamic lead vocal duo comprised of a husband and wife. Emerging from the renowned Seattle cover band "The Side Project," this musical venture sees the birth of a fresh chapter with an entirely new lineup of talented members. Their latest track, “Free” is A mesmerizing jewel of Jazz Pop that resonates with the soul. "Free" by Goodnight Suzie is a mesmerizing musical journey, where the violins collectively articulate the song's emotional intensity, crafting a beautiful melody with each note. Suzie's vocals are exceptional, gracefully passionate, and hypnotic. The repetitive yet enchanting chorus, complemented by Ben's accompaniment, adds a magical touch to the overall charm. Around the midway point, the violin performance reaches a cinematic crescendo, leaving an indelible mark. Thematically, "Free" explores personal freedom and self-discovery, urging listeners to embrace mindful actions for a greater sense of fulfillment. The song's lyrical repetitions evoke a craving for freedom, making it a compelling and addictive experience. The track with its impressive vocal and instrumental arrangements, is a must-listen that exceeds expectations, leaving listeners captivated and longing for more.

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