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Amplify Me, Jenna Cogan Craft a Raw Tale of Betrayal in their latest single, 'Ginny'

Amplify Me & Jenna Cogan's 'Ginny' is a blend of Americana and country that emerges

as a raw narrative, skillfully crafted by Wim van Winsum.

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Amplify Me

The track unfolds the gripping story of a betrayed wife and expectant mother, navigating through the aftermath of broken vows.

Amplify Me and Jenna Cogan deliver vocals that carry the weight of emotion. Wim van Winsum's potential shines through as he handles multiple instruments, creating a vivid experience that mirrors the intense journey of the protagonist.

The powerful guitar riffs backed up with country beats and the melancholic hum of the pedal steel guitar, evoke a genuine Americana and Country Pop vibe.

With the exceptional uses of drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, and more, 'Ginny' delves into the depths of lost love, and highlights the strength that emerges from the ruins.

Dive into the tune here -


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