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Giack Bazz will take you on an emotional journey with "The Moon is Painted"

Updated: May 3

Giack Bazz

Giack Bazz is a London-based Singer-songwriter dropping emotional numbers with hard-hitting music. Giack started his songwriting journey with his first song in 2008. Giack released his first solo album "Childhood Dream" in 2015 after being encouraged by his bandmates and after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Giack's music is very emotional and hits close to the heart with his lyrics while being contrasted with heavy rock-inspired music. The track in the spotlight today is his latest single "The Moon is Painted" from his upcoming album "Bedtime Stories for Computers" set to release in July this year.

The composition begins with a soft atmospheric pad, being later accompanied by a distorted guitar which takes it to the hardcore drop. Giack's voice is raw and touching, it fits perfectly with the harmonies later introduced. It's a must listen rock ballad for all the rock fans!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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