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Get shot into the Seventh Heaven with NEWWAVE by Kreajours!

NEWWAVE by Kreajours

Kreajours is an Orlando-based ghost rock outfit known for its ethereal, lo-fi sound. Consisting of four integral members, Campfire supplies the main vocals and Drums, London Boy works on the lead guitar, Seany Soundscapes glides through with the synths, and Parentheses grooves it out on the bass. These roles are not fixed as all the members are a bunch of multi-instrumentalists and often switch it up with their tools.

Their newest track NEWWAVE has got us hooked right now! Futuristic and transcendental, the song is a heavy hitter. Starting with the omnipresent overdriven guitar, you're gonna be shot into absolute bliss. The vocals are the symphony in a storm, smoothing your ears. The drum work is quite intricate which is a rare sight these days! This DESERVES a listen!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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