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From struggle to strength: A journey through 'The Abyss' by Dax

Inspired by life and God itself Dax is the next phenomenal persona in the Rap repertoire. Having his Origin from Kansas, USA Dax has gained popularity through the music streaming platform Soundcloud and now blowing up on YouTube.

His newest Album, What is Life? Opens with the Lo-Fi Cypher The Abyss. A soft piano introduces the harmony of the song soothing the listener and making one comfortable. Dax has an aggressive vocal style, getting emotional through his voice as he retells us the story of his life and troubled adolescence. He talks about how he almost lost his mother at birth and was then diagnosed with psychosis, struggling with voices inside his head. The bass in this is soft and soothing rather than the aggressive sound usually found in Rap music. The Abyss is sure to get you motivated and emotional, Check it out now!

Dive into the Tune here:


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