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Feel the warmth of the sun with Rusty Reid's latest single "Rio Frio".

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Rusty Reid, acoustic guitar
Rusty Reid

"Rio Frio" by Rusty Reid is an upbeat song that immediately takes you to a sunny beach. Every chord that is played holds an essence of Texas in it. Reid's vocalization adds to the song's vibe. Darin Watkins does a fantastic job on the drums. The track would be fragmented without Steve Beasley's contribution with the acoustic and electric guitar alongside the accordion. The track is an earworm with its catchy rhythm, rustic guitar chords, and energetic instrumentation. It is impossible not to tap your feet along. The artist's voice is powerful yet easy on the ears. The vocals go perfectly with the vibrant atmosphere of the song. The lyrics put forth a picture of summer days that make you want to visit Rio Frio.

Overall, this is a feel-good song which will leave you craving some fun in the sun.

Dive into the tune here -


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