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ET by D33PSTAT3, whole new take on the traditional melodic Dubstep Formula.

The electronic music duo, Alex Donka and Joey Rebbe, commonly known by their stage name D33PSTAT3 have always been keen on finding innovative ways of reshaping modern electronic music. They have been doing a lot of experiments in the traditional ways of a classic genre such as Drums n Bass and Dubstep. A common theme in their music is the pleasurable mishmash of different genres of music to create something new. This style of working was apparent from their very first EP "Manifesto" where the mixed orchestral cinematic music with the gritty sounds of raw Drum n Bass music.

The latest single "ET" has all the innovations of a D33PSTAT3 track. From the gritty bassline and heavy drums to the lush chords and synths along with the rather surreal "Synth-Pad" sounds. Not to mention the orchestral influence found in between the chaos of unfiltered Dubstep is the calm before the storm. D33PSTAT3 is the perfect artist for people who want a crazy ride.

Dive into the Tune here -


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