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Eddie Cohn honors 90s Rock Music with his latest release, 'Wave Goodbye - Downtown Session'.

Eddie Cohn is a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer based in Los Angeles.

Man, Pink, Shades, Glasses, Sun, Blazer, Brown, Bald, Musician, Artist, Singer
Eddie Cohn

The artist has been a part of the industry for 20 years and has recently put out his latest single 'Wave Goodbye' paying homage to the concept of re-imagination of songs. Eddie has worked with Brett Farkas (electric guitar and bass) for this track, and the song is mastered by Kevin Penner.

'Wave Goodbye' combines the multiple elements of 90s rock, indie rock, and pop music effortlessly while still giving it a contemporary twist. The guitar riffs along with harmony are reminiscent of the classic tunes.

The "Downtown Session" for 'Wave Goodbye' is a stripped-down, acoustic version of the track. The song is structured and produced very well. “This song was a bit of a labor of love”, says Cohn.

If you're a traditional rock enthusiast, you should give 'Wave Goodbye' a chance.

Catch it on Spotify right away!

Dive into the tune here -

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