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Easy by Pale Waves embodies hopeless romance in its finest form.

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Pale Waves

Pale Waves, a band hailing from Manchester, combine contrasting melodic refrains with their distinctive dark aesthetic. Pale Waves are finding their musical identity by drawing inspiration from the 80's rock bands like The Cure. They have crafted a distinctive style that merges mainstream pop elements by smoothly transitioning with a darker aesthetic. Through their musical approach, the band strives to enhance every new release, aiming to provide a comforting environment for their listeners. Blending gothic elements with mainstream pop, they prioritize self-expression, making it significant not just for themselves but also for their devoted fanbase.

Easy showcases a powerful revelation of love, which is undeniably the most universally potent emotion. The kind of love that is characterized as 'Easy', possesses the power to ignite an emotion inside you, a kind of emotion that makes you want to yearn for it with its heavy instrumentation.

The vibe and the infectious melody of this song inspire a belief in love and can intensify one's affection. It can change your whole perspective on love.

Dive into the tune here.


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