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Dedicate "An evening I will not forget" by Dermot Kennedy to the one you've shared your love with.

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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Dermot Kennedy

Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Joseph Kennedy combines folk and hip-hop in his music though his previous work was heavy on acoustics. Kennedy is well known for his 2019 singles Outnumbered and Power Over Me, his 2020 single Giants, and his feature on the 2020 Meduza single "Paradise". His writing process is distinct from most singer-songwriters; Kennedy does not write with a specific event or emotion in mind instead, he goes with the flow of the track. The artist is philanthropical with his music and has contributed his vocals to help Australia recover from their bushfire crisis and raise money for the non-profit Housing Works by organizing a short virtual concert during Covid 19 lockdown.

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"An evening I will not forget" follows the singer's past relationship with his best friend as he reminisces about the highs and lows they faced together. Rhythmic beats, soft guitar strums and soothing melody support the heavy words of the song. "Time to show your worth child" and "The angel of Death is ruthless" make us realize the grimness of the uncertainty of life in contrast to the comfort of "But I still get to see your face, right? And that's like nothing they can take, right?" Dermot Kennedy's concordant yet darker vocals go well with the highly emotive lyrics giving you a rich experience. The track lulls into silence towards the end, giving it the feel of the traditional singer-songwriter genre.

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