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Child of SP shows you how to deal with your "Issues" in his latest song!

Child of SP

Hailing from Sáo Paulo, Child of SP is the first-ever artist from Brazil to release Fully English music. Their latest single is out here obliterating charts throughout the world. The song is a RnB banger about the inner "Issues" Child of SP was having after moving permanently to the UK from Brazil.

"Issues" is not a regular RnB track. Issues delves deeper into the interpersonal issues of an individual manifesting in his everyday life. The vocals of Child of SP are to die for! The composition uses a very intricate use of the Sub-bass by adding not only bass, but also little embellishments accompanying the vocal melody.

Issues released on all music platforms along with its music video on YouTube. The Music Video shows Child of SP with his partner roaming around separately in a city trying to work their relationship out.

Dive into the Tune here -


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