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‘Annihilate’ By Metro Boomin: The perfect track to transport you through the Spider-Verse.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Dreadlocks, black man, red background, black puffer jacket, black beanie, beanie, black jacket.
Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin is an American record producer and DJ. He teamed up with other talented artists like Swae Lee (rapper), Lil Wayne (rapper), and Offset (Rapper) to create an upbeat track for the latest addition to the Spiderman movies, ‘Spiderman Across the Spider-Verse’.

Right from the first beat, ‘Annihilate’ commands the attention of the listeners with its infectious energy. Metro Boomin’s production quality shines bright as he uses trap elements, thumping drums, and a heavy baseline. Swae Lee’s vocals add spice to this track, he sounds convincing and passionate, and his delivery is smooth and effortless. Lil Wayne contributed to this song with his lyrical prowess, his verses add flow and wordplay to this track, which is a testament to the high status that he holds amongst rappers. Offset embellished the track with an irresistible charm and swagger.

‘Annihilate’ explores themes of success, determination, the pursuit of self-identity, and the urge to take time off from the world. ‘Annihilate’ is a successful collaboration that showcases the ability and talents of the artists involved in the making of this great track! If you are a fan of Hip-hop or rap genres you must give this track a shot!

Dive into the tune here:


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