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"Anna Barrowman's Debut Single 'Running Out of Time': A Universally Resonant Tale of Love and Loss"

Manchester-born, Singer/Songwriter Anna Barrowman debuted with her first EP “Mallinson Rd” this year. The first single release, “Running Out of Time”, stands out as the emotional cornerstone of Mallinson Rd, delving into the challenges faced by a couple struggling to hold onto the remnants of their relationship. The song was recorded in a studio in London, with producer and friend, Alex Rigueiro. The EP is a fusion of electronica and old-school RnB.  Anna's poignant lyrics and intense synths build a compelling chorus that echoes the profound silences mirroring fading hope. The quick turnaround from writing to recording adds a layer of immediacy to the song's narrative, contributing to its distinction within Anna's debut collection. The song's immediacy and emotional depth make it a resonant and accessible piece, inviting listeners to connect with the universal themes of love and loss.

Dive into the tune here :


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