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X-RL7 blends cyberpunk dystopia with Electronic rock in their latest banger "Information"!

Outstandingly talented musician and animator Mike Evans makes a bold statement on the current state of the Music industry and society with his bewildering web series,

X-RL7. Originally planned to be a point-and-click adventure game, it transpired into the web series it is now. The web series follows the band titled the same. It is another beautiful addition to the ambitious world of virtual artists.

The track introduces its dystopian nature right from the start with the pulsating bassline. It is further enhanced with the hard dubstep-style drums. The Music video is also a visual treat for fans of the Retro Pixel Art style reminiscent of the 80s videogame scene. This track is a must for your Electronic Music Playlist!

Dive into the Tune here:-


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