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‘Withstand’ by Cornelius Eady Trio: A Revolutionary EP That Challenges The Politics Of Today.

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Cornelius Eady Trio

Cornelius Eady is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet who formed the Cornelius Eady Trio to bring his beautiful poetry to life. Many of Eady’s poems speak of the passing of time, the experiences of Black people in America, and feelings that might arise in the hearts of the marginalized communities in America due to the political climate. In this group, Cornelius Eady graces the audience with his vocals, Charlie Rauh and Lisa Liu play the electric and acoustic guitars, keyboard and percussions. ‘Withstand’ is their Latest EP.

‘Withstands’ title track is a subtle yet politically charged piece of art. It was noted that Eady wrote it around the 4th of July. It poetically asks important questions to the people of America, questions as painstakingly beautiful and thought-provoking as - “What can you withstand now?”. In my opinion, Eady’s poems are songs of revolution under the grab of catchy songs with funky beats. Such poetry has been noted by revolutionary poets all around the world. The calm and soothing music just softens the blow of his hard-to-swallow lyrics and influences you to go into a pensive state.

In contrast to the title track's mellowness, ‘Crazy Bible’ has funky electronic music that will remind you of a retro club scene. The lyrics are influenced by the anti-drag queen laws, they explore themes of religious conservatism, and the lack of peace and justice in the country. Eady’s vocal versatility is absolutely surprising because of the way he vocally performs in the title track versus the way he performs in ‘Crazy Bible’.

‘Your Freedom’ is another song with funky music that will give you a throwback to the music scene of the 80s. The lyrics are politically charged which can be made out from the title itself. The chorus of this song is extremely catchy, and the vocal layering that comes towards the end gives the song character. This song is groovy and fun to spin. Other tracks like ‘Living With A Stranger’, and ‘Tearing Down The Master's House’ are also a part of this EP.

Well-composed music, warm and husky vocals, politically charged lyrics, and poetic metaphors make this EP an outstanding addition to your playlist. If you are someone who enjoys mellow or subtly funky songs, then this EP must be next on your playlist.

Dive into the tune here -


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