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‘Wild’ by Mishell Ivon: Your ticket to the Michael Jackson era in 2023!

Mishell Ivon, Red backgroun, Black woman, Lemon, Afro, Afro Hair, Black woman, Collarbone.
Mishell Ivon

Mishell Ivon has been a singer-songwriter for over 20 years now. Her seasoned talent has helped her dabble in genres like Pop, Funk, Disco and many more. ‘Wild’ is her latest track.

‘Wild’ opens with a juggernaut-ish energy. The funky beats carry the listeners and make them nostalgic about the Michael Jackson era. The music is absolutely groovy and funky. The acapella elements add a nostalgic 80s-90s disco vibe to the song. Ivon’s voice is sinfully delectable and smooth. Her versatility and range are on full display in this track. But the music of this track, with its electronic elements, synths, and acapella embellishments steals the show.

‘Wild’ by Mishell Ivon is a testament to the fact that 20 years in the industry has given her the prowess to stay and thrive. This track is an absolute delight to witness and fans of Funk, Disco, and Pop must not miss it!

Dive into the tune now -


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