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WickerMan's 'Invertebrates' EP: A Genre-Defying Musical Odyssey of Intensity and Reflection

WickerMan found his footing in the world of music with the release of his first EP, “Temporary People” in 2020, continuing with a flurry of singles across the years. He launches headfirst into the musical landscape by combining a wicked blend of rap, hip-hop, metal, and funk into his music. Known for his dynamic energy, powerful drums, and meaningful lyrics, WickerMan has now introduced his much anticipated EP, “Invertebrates” this month and we can’t get enough of it.

The newest EP "Invertebrates," is similar to taking an intellectual journey through the artist's mind. Each track transports you to a different auditory realm with a dynamic combination of frantic drumming, captivating vocals, and eclectic sounds.

"Give It All I've Got," the EP's opening track, ignites the EP with an exhilarating start that flawlessly lives up to its name from the very first drumbeat. Following that comes a cascading rock riff that prepares the listener for the impending barrage of lyrics. Punch after punch is delivered by the rapid-fire flow, which is supported by the upbeat beat. It's like being in the middle of a masterful orchestra's crescendo, which is so enthralling that you can't stop listening to it.

On "This Is What It Feels Like," that intensity somewhat lessens, giving the listener a chance to catch their breath. The song is dominated by an upbeat movement that makes you think of speeding down the highway with the windows down. The upbeat instrumental backing is readily complemented by the rap performance.

With "Bad To The Bone," the backdrop becomes more ominous. The beginning is dominated by deep melodies that beat like a heartbeat and are broken up by ominous voices. The song's lyrics make a haunting but compelling impact when combined.

The nostalgic track "Memories (Feat. Luke Lucas)" offers a nice contrast. Soft keyboards, strings, and a slower tempo evoke memories of days spent in the sun. It's the ideal background music for reflecting on the past.

"Inside My Mind," the last composition, saves its most complex blend until the very end. The interweaving of many levels of sound creates a captivating tapestry that beckons the listener to delve into its elements. The carefully constructed rhymes flow quickly and are simple enough to be easily understood.

With “Invertebrates”, WickerMan expertly strikes a balance between the contrasting facets of the music to provide a sound experience that is simultaneously reflective and engaging. It's the sort of music that pulls you in and won't let go.

Dive into the tune here :


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