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Unreal Unearth by Hozier: A Testament To Hozier's Character Arc!

Hozier or Andrew John Hozier-Byrne is an Irish musician and singer-songwriter. He is well known for dabbling in genres like blues, folk, and soul. He uses a lot of religious imagery and references in the lyrics that he writes, one can notice that in his infamous songs such as ‘Take Me To Church’. ‘Unreal Unearth’ is his most recent album that has already made a mark in the hearts of his faithful fans.

‘Unreal Unearth’ released in August 2023, it has a total of sixteen tracks. Although he still uses a lot of metaphors and religious references in this album as he used to before, what can be noticed is that he has completely turned things around in case of the music and vibe, as this is a completely fresh take by Hozier, it is him but revamped. ‘Eat Your Young’ is a track that has the most interesting title in this album, any person with an inquisitive mind wouldn’t be able to ignore it. This song has a very dark, ominous, villain-like vibe. It is cynical with the way it uses eating one’s young as a reference to get his thoughts across about today's unforgiving world. The lyrics are well-crafted and wittily written. The music has a sexy-seductive tone. It can feel a little peppy, a little jazzy and a little sinister. The guitars add smoothness to the track, while the gentle piano and acapella towards the end take centre stage and steal the show.

‘Francesca’ is another track from this album that will lure you into its unravelable depths. It is a beautifully written song that explores the pathos of love, loss and longing. It is about how a person unexpectedly has to part their way from their beloved but they’d give the world to reunite with them. This song has a deep melancholic vibe that will make anyone miss a certain someone from their past. The drums and the electronic guitar steal the show towards the end by enchanting the listeners into a deep trance. Lyrics like, “When that part of you was ripped away a grip taking hold like a cancer that grows each piece of your body that it takes though I know my heart would break I'll tell them put me back in it” make this track a beautifully written masterpiece.

‘All Things End’ has to be one of Hozier’s finest in terms of lyrics that explore grief and loss in a brighter and lighter way. This just might be the first time wherein Hozier is not obsessing over his past in the lyrics of his song, but rather urging the listeners to not spoil future experiences because of bad past experiences. “And just knowing that everything will end should not change our plans when we begin again” Such lyrics are a testament to the change of perspective that Hozier has gone through post his past albums. There is no doubt in the fact that Hozier is a brilliant artist, and now he is evolving. You must not miss out on his character arc, instead, you must dive into the song here -


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