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Tune into the frequency of love and miracles with 'Like A Feather' by Sam Stokes.

Black and White, Denim Jacket
Sam Stokes

Sam Stokes, a US-based singer-songwriter, produces folk/blues music with jazz influence. "Like a Feather" captivates you with its soft melodies and earnest lyrics. The vocals, along with the acoustic guitar riffs, make for a calm and reflective setting. The artist says this song is an assurance that the signs and synchronicities that give you hope are real. Stoke's naturally rustic voice quality adds to the dynamic harmonising. The track truly feels as if it floats 'Like a Feather' as the sun shines softly. The vulnerability of the lyrics provides much-needed comfort to the listeners. This track is a gem that you ought to hear. Great job, Sam Stokes!

Dive into the tune here -


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