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The Scotty Hollywood Band Strikes a Chord with Powerful Single 'Human to Human' from Acclaimed Album 'Wondervu

The latest track from The Scotty Hollywood Band has arrived, making waves across the music scene. Their much-anticipated single, "Human to Human," is a standout track from their recent album, "Wondervu." Renowned for their high-energy performances and emotionally charged vocals, the band continues enthralling audiences with a distinctive sound and impactful lyrics. Crafted by lead singer Scott Argiro and lead/rhythm guitarist Shane Lamb, "Human to Human" was conceived and recorded in Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN, respectively. The single showcases the band's trademark fusion of pop and rock, featuring infectious melodies and a dynamic rhythm section that invites fans to sing and dance along. Scott Argiro emphasizes that "Human to Human" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of the power of human connection and a poignant reminder of the value of physical presence in a world dominated by digital interactions. The release of "Human to Human" follows closely on the heels of the band's successful album drop, "Wondervu," underscoring their commitment to their craft and dedication to producing meaningful music. 

Dive into the tune below :


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