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The Project got us hooked again with their latest track featuring Mykele Hill!!

Updated: May 3

The Project

After we got mesmerized by their single "Best Days" last year, The Project is back again to rock our world with their hit "What's it going to Take" along with Mykele Hill!!

The California based Rock outfit, The Project has been known for their unique sound reminiscent of the classic rock of the 80s.

Joining the bunch this time is Mykele Hill. She's a super-talented singer-songwriter who started off making music on GarageBand when she was only 17 and going through downs of her life.

The track is an absolute banger! Starting it out soft and groovy with a mellow arpeggio and strums of an acoustic guitar. The drum work is punchy but soothing and complements the composition really well. The vocals shine bright with the overall music. You won't believe this was not made in the 80s!!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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