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‘Talk To Me’ by John Taglieri: A Relationship’s Cry For Help

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John Taglieri

John Taglieri is an Indie singer-songwriter hailing from New Jersey. He’s made it to the Billboard chart with two of his EPs on the #78 & #28 position. ‘Talk To Me’ is his newest single.

‘Talk To Me’ starts with melancholic guitar strings that lead up to Taglieri’s sweet and earnest vocals. The song explores a person’s plea to their partner for them to communicate so that their relationship can survive and thrive. The drums, guitar, and claps rise up and close the loop towards the end, which is why I personally enjoyed the music of this track the most. Taglieri’s vocals come close second, he sounded passionate and honest which elevated the meaning of the lyrics.

‘Talk To Me’ is a great addition to your playlist if you enjoy Indie music, so give it a spin today!

Dive into the tune here -


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