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"Spiritual Beats and Contemporary Harmony: Ananda Xenia Shakti and Love Power's Latest Singles Deliver a Transcendent Musical Experience"

Ananda Xenia Shakti and Love Power the Band present a harmonious blend of spiritual essence and contemporary beats in their latest singles, "Are You Looking For Me" and "Hare Hare Dance." The first track, inspired by 15th-century Indian mystic poet Kabir Das, is a dance-infused exploration of the human soul's quest for the divine. The collaboration between Ananda Xenia Shakti and a talented team of musicians and producers, including Niranjan Gundu Singh, Marcos Alexander Ordoriez, Shambhu Natha, Snappy Homefry Kipp, and Pankaj Saakhi, is evident in the unique sound of these singles. "Are You Looking For Me" unfolds like a mystery, with Ananda's poised vocals and modern beats creating a danceable rhythm. "Hare Hare Dance" is an uplifting celebration of love and life, recorded in Vrindavan, India, and featuring ethereal vocals and mesmerizing keyboard work. Both tracks transcend traditional music boundaries, providing profound and memorable experiences for listeners.

Dive into the tunes below :


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