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South Ayrshire's Pelikan Rogue: The Captivating Crawl – Where Nostalgia and Modernity Collide

Originating from the picturesque region of South Ayrshire, Scotland, Pelikan Rogue is a 5 piece pop/rock ensemble that came to life in 2016, Their new single “Crawl” is a bold and catchy single that perfectly blends nostalgia and modernity. Instantly capturing the attention of the listener, the eclectic rhythm of the music keeps you tapping your foot and nodding your head in sync. The track has an instant rock feel, opening with a solitary guitar note by lead guitarist Gus Manson, setting the stage for lead vocalist and songwriter, Scott Russell’s lyrics. While paying close attention to the lyrics of the song, listeners will be able to sense a layer of dark complexity to the words as they fuse flawlessly with the more lively and upbeat flair of the beat. One can almost feel the infectious energy of the band as the song culminates in a fitting end, leaving us with the urge to press repeat!

Dive into the tune here -


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