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‘Snow/Hailstone’ by Podge Lane: Songs That Convey The Moods Of Winter.

Long hair man, banjo, guitar, greenary, trees, music in nature
Podge Lane

Podge Lane is a singer-songwriter hailing from Ireland’s foodie capital, Cork. He is best known for his folk and alt-country style music. His admirers appreciate his evocative music, and expressive lyrics. ‘Snow’ & ‘Hailstorm’ are his most recent releases.

‘Snow’ is a smooth, soft and calming track. The music of this track is classic country style with ringing guitar strings and humming of the sand in the shaker. The lyrics are feel-good, they have a “don’t worry, be happy” vibe to them, they persuade the listener to enjoy the snow clad scenery that winter brings along.

‘Hailstone’ in contrast to ‘Snow’ carries a melancholic vibe under the garb of a merry winter song. The guitar strings sound a bit angry or frustrated in places, which adds to the vibe. In my interpretation, ‘Hailstone’ refers to the singer’s inner turmoil and frustration that comes with heartbreak and letting go. To me it sounds like the singer is trying to be okay but he too gets affected by the process of letting go.

In both the songs, Podge sounds raw, yet expressive enough to qualify as a Beatles’ singer. Podge mentioned that ‘Snow’ tries to convey the sort of excitement and happiness one feels during winter as a kid, and ‘Hailstone’ denotes that turmoil that adults go through, which is why I connected the most to ‘Hailstone’. This album must be in your winter playlist today!

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