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Smoke Spider is here to Rock your world with "East Berlin"; a Rock anthem about a city no more.

Rising from the Sea-Shore city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Smoke Spider is a heavy rock duo all about speed when it comes to their music.

Divided into two icons, Johan Grant is the powerhouse of the duo. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Johan produces all their music. The other division is carried out by Göran Florström, he is the voice behind Smoke Spider and the primary lyricist.

Till date, they have released 9 singles, the latest of the bunch being East Berlin.

Starting off with the mellow sound of an organ and choir, it's sure to catch you off-guard as soon as the electric guitar enters with the crunchy distorted riffs. The vocals are a smooth blend of melodic and grunge singing styles singing about being bewitched by something (or someone?).

As a rock lover, you need this number in your playlist!

Dive into the Tune here:


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