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Classic Rock Resurgence: Diving into Sanjay Michael's 'Rocking Into Midnight'

Sanjay Michael is a Singapore-based artist who’s dedicated to revitalising the rock genre back to its prime era. His latest album, "Rocking Into Midnight," stands as a contemporary display of rock 'n' roll excellence, highlighting Sanjay's admiration for legendary artists and his commitment towards advancing this cherished genre.

Black T-shirt, Electric Guitar
Sanjay Michael

The album commences with the title track, "Rocking into Midnight," which perfectly sets the tone for what’s about to follow. The track opens with electrifying guitar riffs and punchy beats that instantly take you back to the golden days of rock. Sanjay’s gritty vocals soaring over the robust arrangement of instruments will have you head-banging before you know it. The second track, "Rattlesnake Shuffle," offers an energetic listening experience with its fast-paced vocals and groovy melodies that will leave you craving for more. The next track really stood out for me, "Fly Away" is a story-driven song where a lover asks his beloved to fly away with him, it starts off slow with vivid and heartfelt lyrics along with soulful acoustic guitar, but later returns to it's roots of rock when the beats kick in and the electric guitar riffs come roaring. It’s an emotive, soul-stirring song and perhaps also my personal favourite from the album.

Another track that stood out for me was "Backtrack", it has the longest runtime on the album, and I believe it is the track that encapsulates the essence of the album in its lyrics. "Should have never let you go" is another story-driven emotive song that explores the emotions of a person regretting the decision to part ways and yearning for the chance to rewrite their past.

But what really sets this album apart is the use of tube amplifiers, making this album a riveting listening experience. Although every track on this album has its own style, they all stick to the old-school rhythms and the basics of classic rock and hard blues. Packed with 10 powerful tracks, every track on this album is a journey in itself. This album is a testament to Sanjay’s musical prowess. You’d be surprised to know that Sanjay handled all the instruments except the drums due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. However, the deeper he delved into the process, the more he discovered his capabilities, which led him to achieve more than he initially thought possible.

Fans of rock must not miss out on this masterpiece and should give this album a spin right away.

Dive into the tune here:


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