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Rob Roth's Catchy Anthem 'AWOL': A feel-good ride through life's thrilling challenges!

New York's fresh face, Rob Roth, is a self-taught Pop/Singer-Songwriter.

Guitar. New York, Beach, Sunset, Man, Cap
Rob Roth

He is among the countless talents of New York City and is all set to contribute to the Pop industry. Roth's music creates a safe space for his listeners and he speaks to his listeners through his heartfelt lyrics.

Rob's latest single, AWOL is a banger that masterfully captures the rollercoaster of life's challenges and how he journeys through them. The track's catchy beats and relatable lyrics make it a finger-snapping favorite. He reflects on his journey and turns it into an uplifting song. Roth expertly blends his guitar skills with synchronized vocals. The track has major ‘The Chainsmokers’ vibes and keeps you grooving on your toes. Roth's exceptional musical artistry is on full display in this track, leaving a lasting impact with its rich sound and emotional depth.

Dive into the Tune here


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