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Reminiscing the old blues with "Where do you see yourself in Five Years?" by Tom Minor!

Tom Minor, Where do you see yourself in five years

Tom Minor is a versatile singer and a raconteur rising from the lush woodlands of North London. He is known for using Rhythms and Cadences skillfully in his way of storytelling - that is his music. He is getting the world ready for his upcoming debut album "Eleven Easy Pieces on Anger & Disappointment". The track in the limelight today is an awesome composition named "Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?".

Tom Minor, Where do you see yourself in five years

The song is sure to remind you of the old cowboy Hollywood movies with its classical blues-rock theme. The song blasts in with the title being announced in the husky sound of Tom Minor. We get introduced to the beat of the song with the gritty electric guitar and groovy percussion work. And My god that Harmonica is out of this world, it's the cherry on top!

You MUST check this out as a Rock Fan!!

Dive into the Tune here:-


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