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‘Ready For Love’ by Tiz McNamara: An Emotional Song About An Unspoken Feeling.

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Tiz McNamara

Tiz McNamara is a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the scenic backdrop of Ireland. He is known for his heart-wrenching lyrics that showcase raw emotions. ‘Ready for Love’ is his most recent release.

‘Ready For Love’ is a soft and poignant track. As per my interpretation, the lyrics of the song talk about how one feels before falling in love again after having tough relationships in the past and being anxious about repeating mistakes from the past. The music here is magnificent, one is guaranteed to get goosebumps when the violin kicks in. Mcnamara’s voice is quite polished and beautiful, the passion that his vocals exude helps the narrative of the song.

If You are someone who enjoys soft songs about real emotions, this song is a must in your playlist!

Dive into the tune now -


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