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"Optics" by Nathan Irving is resonance of life, reassurance for future, and a reminder for rest.

Nathan Irving, Sleeping Lion, Green shirt
Nathan Irving

Nathan Irving, a member of the band Sleeping Lion, is an upcoming artist based in Los Angeles. Nathan's track "Optics" is poetic as it begins and ends with electronically altered lines. The subtle shift in the song with an eccentric background score and impeccable finger-styling on an acoustic guitar makes it feel nostalgic. Irving's soft, smooth vocals intensify the lyrical brilliance of the track. The lyrics are bound to resonate with many. "Optics" reassures us that it's okay to struggle. You don't have to be perfect at all times; sometimes just showing up is also worthy of a celebration. The catchy chorus is by far my favourite. The piano riff added to the chorus along with the guitar plucking gives off Bon Iver vibes. Listen to "Optics" now to find reassurance and comfort.

Dive into the tune here -


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