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Neve Bowen's EP, 'Lifeline': An Indie Gem crafted for Phoebe Bridgers Enthusiasts.

Neve Bowen, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from London has the songwriting talent as great as Phoebe Bridgers and the voice as angelic as Faye Webster. From her brilliant strumming of guitar talents to her narrative in her lyrics, she has come a long way and is about to pave her way into the Indie music industry.

Her songs are narratively dark and often touch the matters of mental health. Bowen writes for herself as well as for people who may struggle just like her or worse in order for her audience to feel seen and not alone. Whilst the words may be hard to portray and execute on such a level of music that may be incredibly difficult for her but music is her way to express these intense feelings and to not feel overwhelmed by it all.

Neve has released her EP named 'Lifeline' and is all set to bring her listeners to the realm of emotional turbulence through her narratives and her soft yet husky vocals.

The beginning of track number 2, Deep Blue Sea has a cinematic feeling instrumentally giving the perfect kick-start for her narrative to flow. Neve plunges deep into a world of emotional chaos and concealed realities. The haunting lyrics, with lines like, "There’s nothing wrong with me but I’m sinking in the Deep Blue Ocean." Bowen's words carry a heavy punch. She paints a picture of how one may give off the appearance of being fine, but the image of slowly drowning in the ocean portrays a powerful sense of how fighting your inner demons feels like and these lyrics just make the track feel more raw and emotionally charged to it's core. This song has been executed in the alternative rock genre, perfectly.

A song on the album that stood out for me was track number 3, 'Song for Anna.' Here we hear Bowen express feelings of isolation and distress, oh so passionately. The lyrics

"When Anna takes me for a ride" reveals a sense of captivity in a toxic relationship or situation. The repeated line, "Did you think you had me at last," conveys vulnerability and a struggle to escape. The overall mood of the track is melancholic and quite self-reflective.

If you're a fan of the hauntingly beautiful, Phoebe Bridgers-style music, this EP is an absolute must that will resonate deeply with you.

Dive into the tune here


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