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Neska Rose's 'Aware' is frustration, understanding, and self-discovery encompassed in classic 90's rock beats.

Neska Rose is a moniker for the Los Angeles-based artistic twins Neska and Libi Rose. Both are well-versed in music and play various instruments including guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele.

The twins have a passion for music as they grew up with music created by the Beatles, Mozart, Bach, etc.

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Neska and Libi Rose

Neska Rose's latest track, 'Aware', speaks of the difficulties one has with understanding oneself as well as others. The artists say they were inspired by PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, and Radiohead which is where the 90's rock influence comes from. The Grammy Award-winning producer David Greenbaum produced the beats of this song, Neska herself penned lyrics, and harmony was the courtesy of Libi.

The soulful, forlorn melody comes together with the meticulously crafted beats to form a song that is both enjoyable and reflective. 'Aware' invokes many emotions within you from rage to resignation to insight into what the other party must be feeling. Neska's vocals are powerful and impeccable. You can hear the emotions through every word she enunciates. The skillful instrumentation is the core of this track.

With lyrics like "I don't speak because you complicate it all", and

"You like to fall and I like the pain", 'Aware' will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

Dive into the tune here -


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