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Natalia Pardalis' 'Who Knew!' - the romantic experiences of present-day women spiced up with jazz.

Natalia Pardalis, based in Surrey, British Columbia, is a dynamic music teacher who has evolved creatively as an artist in the industry through the years.

Woman, Singer, Blonde, Black, White, Monochrome, Mic, Coat, Artist
Natalia Pardalis

Natalia has added an element of film into her art form resulting in an elevated experience of storytelling. She mixes modern styles with her vintage vibe seamlessly.

'Who Knew!' is a part of 'Nat's Jazz House', a concept album that dwells into the romantic experiences of modern-day women. Several top Canadian artists have collaborated with Natalia for this project, including Gold Record Holder Murray Yates, Trumpeter Chris Davis, Vancouver Symphony’s Jennie Press, Second Assistant Concertmaster, and cellist/bassist Emilio Suarez.

'Who Knew!', produced by Murray Yates, gives off contemporary jazz vibes with the perfect balance of pop elements. The lyrics seem as if you're listening in on a conversation between friends where one speaks of her lover. It's introspective and makes you feel alive and in love. The rhythm is flowy, making this song a perfect fit for a private dance party with your significant other.

Catch 'Who Knew!' right away and think of your partner as you sway.

Dive into the tune here -

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