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Nabil Muquit's EP 'The Only Way Out Is Up' is An Eargasmic Escape That Goes Beyond Genres.

Step into an eargasmic universe of Nabil Muquit's latest EP, "The Only Way Out Is Up." This EP transcends traditional genres, offering a unique blend of jazz, downtempo, and hip-hop influences. Across seven distinctive tracks, Muquit demonstrates his mastery as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist.

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Nabil Muquit

"Pieces Of A Dream" kicks off the album with a funky rhythm that morphs into a fascinating blend of keys, guitar, and various unique instruments. It sets the stage for an expedition into Muquit's musical versatility. Unlike conventional jazz or neo-soul albums, "The Only Way Out" invites listeners into uncharted territories, evoking emotions through instrumental storytelling.

Moving through the EP, "Zero Degree" introduces a refreshing soundscape, its chilly tones reflecting the title. Muquit's saxophone takes center stage, narrating an effortless tale that resonates with both precision and emotion.

The absence of vocals in this EP becomes a deliberate choice, allowing the instruments to take over and communicate, Inspiring feelings that go beyond the limitations of expression.

"Honor" emerges as a pivotal track, introducing swelling synths and intermittent vocal elements that create a meditative atmosphere. Muquit skillfully creates an immersive listening experience, engaging the audience in an emotional conversation.

As we progress through "Unbreakable Faith," unveils a rhythmic interplay that mirrors both strength and determination. We listen to Muquit's capacity to articulate a throng of emotions through his instruments becomes unmistakable, with each note reinforcing the EP's thematic core.

The journey takes an introspective turn with this personal favorite "New Cycle," where the listener is invited to reflect on personal growth and renewal. Muquit's proficiency with the keys comes to the forefront, painting a vivid narrative that mirrors the cyclical nature of life.

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This record takes the listener through a journey of reflection and exploration with something bigger than themselves." – Nabil Muquit

"Neo-Expressionist" explores the ultra-modern, embracing experimental elements that challenge conventional norms. It stands as a testament to Muquit's willingness to push boundaries and explore uncharted musical territories.

The EP concludes with "P&P," a masterstroke that spans over five minutes. Starting with beach-like instrumentals, it gradually builds into an epic crescendo featuring a soul-stirring saxophone solo and intricate string arrangements. It marks an appropriate end to an album that steers listeners through an enthralling journey, highlighting its proficient instrumental artistry.

Every track In "The Only Way Out" is a deliberate step towards musical evolution and a testament to the limitless potential. Nabil Muquit invites us to explore beyond the realms of familiar genres, offering a musical sanctuary for scrutiny and introspection. The listener is not merely listening to a song; they are experiencing a spectrum of feelings meticulously crafted and conveyed through saxophone, keys, guitar, and other instruments.

Nabil Muquit's ability to infuse depth and emotion into each composition establishes this EP as a standout contribution to the evolving landscape of contemporary instrumental music. The EP's instrumental work deviates from the standard, pushing the boundaries of what instrumental music can convey.

In an era saturated with predictable genres of music, Nabil Muquit's, 'The Only Way Out,' provides a different flavor from the ordinary.

Dive into the tune here


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