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Mesmershade's latest single, 'Postmarked' Sings about the Art of Emotional Connection

Mesmershade, the Tokyo-Honolulu duo, crafts a unique track called 'Postmarked.'

Blue, Twilight, Black Crop Top, Blue Hair, Gloves, Warehouse, Musician, Artist, Band, Singer

This indie-pop love song delves into a long-distance romance, skillfully combining a gentle piano, ethereal synths, and divine vocals. The track is Influenced by a diverse spectrum, from darkwave, hip-hop, and punk to blues, soul, and jazz.

The duo's diverse musical roots construct a dynamic collage, clearly seen in how different parts of the song contrast with each other. The song stands out as a unique contribution to Mesmershade's collection, showcasing their ability to craft compelling and intriguing music that relates with the audience on an emotional level.

'Postmarked' showcases Mesmershade's skill in blending influences, creating an enthralling narrative that resonates with the complexities of human connection.

Dive into the tune here -


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