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"Love with Me" by TSB YD; A cypher about hustle with a heavy beat.

Hailing from the small town of Suitland in the state of Maryland, TSB has always had a love for music since the age of 10. He started rapping in his grandparent's basement, soon spreading his wings as he established his record label "TSB Records" as he turned 19. Within 2 years of going live, TSB started the group "Bando Boys" consisting of his close friends and family helping each other in creating music.

The song starts off with a smooth guitar arpeggio, with TSB spitting some straight bars on it. The hook snaps in so satisfyingly like the pop of a champagne bottle. The lyrics are inspired a lot by popular modern hip-hop artists. The beat is the highlight of this track. Precisely crafted 808s and snares set make it a groovy masterpiece. The song deserves to be on your Playlist!

Dive into the Tune here:


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