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Lost at Sea: Scarlet Mill's 'Driftwood' Narrates A Haunting Tale About Life's Uncertainties

Scarlet Mill's 'Driftwood' is an Indie Rock gem that captivates with raw storytelling and gritty instrumentals.

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Scarlet Mill

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of aimless wandering, mirrored by the haunting melody. The metaphor of driftwood floating down a stream captures the essence of a journey without direction, a destiny forever out of reach.

The narrative feels like a poetic nod to life's uncertainties. Scarlet Mill's vocals infuse the narrative with a sense of familiarity as if the pair of driftwood mentioned in the lyrics are known to each listener personally.

'Driftwood' is an intimate journey that delves into the depths of life's twists, a journey that embraces the messiness of existence with unfaltering authenticity.

Dive into the tune here -


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