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"Live, With Pleasure": VISSIA's Electrifying Ode to the Joys of the Road

VISSIA's latest release, "Live, With Pleasure," is a thrilling, high-energy album that transports listeners straight to the heart of her exhilarating 2021 tour. Recorded during her cross-Canada trek with USS, the album crackles with an infectious energy that perfectly encapsulates the electricity of VISSIA's stage presence. 

From the opening notes of "Doorway - Live," the album grabs you by the collar and refuses to let go. VISSIA's powerful vocals soar over driving, synth-laden beats, as she sings of the simple pleasures of life on the road - the rush of performing for adoring crowds, the camaraderie of touring with close friends, the freedom of the open highway. It's a joyful, celebratory collection that taps into the very essence of the live music experience.

But beneath the sheen of the upbeat production, there's a palpable emotional resonance to "Live, With Pleasure." VISSIA's lyrics speak to the bittersweet nature of the touring life, the longing for home and loved ones that coexists with the thrill of the stage[1]. It's a dynamic, multifaceted album that showcases the full breadth of VISSIA's artistry - her ability to craft infectious, danceable pop anthems that also speak to the heart.

Dive into the tune below:


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