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'Lilith' by Halsey Ft. SUGA: The (un)holy matrimony of concept and music!

Black lace, BTS, SUGA, Halsey, Black Jacket, Dark hair, goth, goth relationship
Halsey & SUGA

The new gaming Console, 'Diablo IV' in order to make a powerful OST brought together, Halsey an American singer and songwriter famously known for her 2016 chartbuster, 'Closer' ft. The Chainsmokers. Along with, SUGA, a South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer from BTS.

'Lilith' is an ambitious project, it shows in the sets, makeup, and design. Halsey and SUGA coming together feels like two worlds colliding. Halsey does not miss with her smooth and emotive vocals. SUGA's rap injects a dose of vibrant energy into 'Lilith', SUGA blends in perfectly but his signature rapping style also creates a beautiful contrast in the song. Halsey's voice delivers delicate vulnerability, while SUGA's voice adds a flow that is intricate and rhythmic.

Lyrically, this song explores themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and rage. As a concept, the music video and song trace the journey of the two main characters of the game, Lilith and Inarious, played by Halsey and SUGA respectively. To know more about the characters, and to experience SUGA and Halsey together you have to listen 'Lilith' today!

Dive into the tune here:


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