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Introducing Avalon Stone with her debut break-up banger "Forget You"!!

Updated: Jan 2

Filled with raw emotion and the shift from love to loss is the way Avalon Stone came with their debut track "Forget You". Inspired by the history of her past break-ups and influenced by her own recent heartbreak the lyrics of the banger make sure to resonate with its listeners on an emotional level.

"It's that universal moment post-breakup —questioning if it's the person you miss or just the companionship. The song's conclusion is as much arevelation to the listener as it was for me."

The music is what makes the song unique. The electric guitar riffs and drum work are sure to give you nostalgia for the 2000s grunge and emo rock. Avalon will be dropping a series of singles that showcase her musical prowess leading up to the much-awaited album, Chained. If you're missing that heavy emotional rock you need to give this one a spin man!!

Dive into the Tune here:


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