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‘Home To Another One’ by Madison Beer: A Song That Sounds Like Lana Del Ray Meets Ariana Grande!

Dark haired woman, dark hair, metal hoops, white dress, white corset, madison beer, popstar, beautiful woman
Madison Beer

Madison Beer is an American singer who began her career by posting song covers on YouTube, she rose to fame when Justin Bieber shared her song cover. Madison is immensely talented and has had many successful singles before. She mainly creates music in the pop genre.

‘Home To Another One’ is a beautiful track that explores themes of infidelity, jealousy and territorial behaviour. The lyrics are beautifully written and maturely handle such a serious topic of Infidelity. The music is absolutely captivating, Madison’s angelic voice soars over powerful music embellished with guitar riffs and electronic elements. Madison’s vocals are ethereal, she sounds like the lovechild of Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey’s voices. The music video will give you a throwback to ‘Star Trek’ because of the costume and extraterrestrial references. The entire music video has an old-school vintage vibe to it and it is very aesthetically shot.

Madison Is a promising rising star and that is visible in the art that she creates. Strong music, deep lyrics, and the absolutely beautiful voice of Madison make this song a perfect addition to your playlist. So, If you are a fan of the pop genre then you must not miss out on this song!

Dive into the Tune here:


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