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‘Hey, Mickey!’ by Baby Tate and Saweetie: We Don’t Know About Mickey, But This Song is So FINE!

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Baby Tate & Saweetie

Baby Tate is an Atlanta Based singer-songwriter who creates music in genres like Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B. And Saweetie is an American rapper. These two talented ladies came together to create the hottest trending track of 2023, ‘Hey, Mickey!’.

‘Hey, Mickey!’ is a spicy track that one would listen to when they are in the mood to “SLAY”. It became a huge trend on Reels and Tiktok in 2023 because of the captivating music and catchy lyrics. Now every “IT girl” has made a reel or a TikTok on it. The music has groovy trap elements, the lyrics are catchy, and one can sing along to them easily. Baby Tate’s vocals sound sexy and suggestive, and they add a playful touch to the song. While Saweetie sounds feisty and fierce, and she adds spice to this song with her smooth rap verse.

‘Hey, Mickey!’ is a revival of an iconic classic done right! Baby Tate and Saweetie have kept the charm of the original alive while adding a breath of new freshness and vibrance to the track. If you are a fan of pop or hip-hop as a genre you must listen to this track once!

Dive into the tune here:


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