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Heartbeats and Harmonies: avPOLAr's 'Say My Name' is a Dance Floor Anthem with a Soul

Picture of singer Tara Ashleigh

Consisting of dynamic duo, composer Vern Connor and producer/composer Angus Woodhead, avPOLAr is a club anthem duo that crafts tracks that ignite the dance floor. Vern lays the foundation with his array of analog and digital synths, while Angus ties it all together with driving rhythms and punchy arrangements. In their latest release, “Say My Name”, the duo has collaborated with singer/songwriter, Tara Ashleighto to create a captivating electronic dance music (EDM) track that delves into the complexities of past love and heartbreak. 

The duo's signature blend of analog and digital synths and Angus Woodhead's driving rhythms and punchy arrangements create a mesmerizing dance floor anthem. The song's foundation is built on a pulsing beat and a bed of lush synths, which provide a rich sonic landscape for Tara-Ashleigh's emotive delivery. Her powerful vocals convey the longing and heartache that often accompany the end of a relationship, making the song's themes feel relatable and authentic.

Say My Name" showcases the duo’s ability to craft compelling and danceable tracks that also explore deeper themes. Tara-Ashleigh's contributions add a new layer of emotional depth to the song, making it a must-listen for fans of EDM and electronic pop.

Dive into the tune below :


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