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Grace & Moji's Indie Pop 'Sad Times' Delves into Raw Feelings with Catchy Rhythms

Grace & Moji, the dynamic indie pop duo from LA, make a triumphant return with "Sad Times."

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Grace & Moji

Known for their emotional narratives, the husband-wife duo takes listeners through life's twists and turns. Despite its introspective themes, "Sad Times" surprises with an infectious, upbeat vibe that hooks you instantly. The lyrics of the track, a combination of soul-searching and resilience, feel like a conversation about turning the page on personal struggles. With "Sad Times," Grace & Moji not only unveil their musical artistry but also establish a haven where compelling storytelling converges with an infectious beat, making it essential for those finding solace in life's rhythm.

Grace & Moji's signature psychedelic elements add a dreamy layer to the song, making it a relatable and memorable piece for anyone navigating life's twists and turns.

Dive into the tune here


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