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Gilded Lily by Cults: Gut-Wrenchingly Beautiful Gem.

Cults. Spotify, Band, Concert, Polaroid, Gilded Lily

Cults is a New-York-city-based indie pop band that emerged in 2010. The band is fronted by, Brian Oblivion with vocals, guitar, keyboards, and percussion, alongside Madeleine Follin on vocals, who also contributes vocals. Their music possesses an intriguing charm, appearing pleasant and inviting at first, yet beneath its lush and ethereal compositions lie profound and heavy lyrics. The songs boast a rich and intricate production that seamlessly combines elements from both retro and futuristic styles, backed up by mesmerizing fusion of high-definition indie-rock and lo-fi bedroom pop.

Gilded Lily holds a powerful essence to it that plays with your thoughts, evoking a sense of personal connection. The track is delivered angelically, giving the vocals and the instruments ample space to travel through your ears and within your soul. It has lyrics like, 'Haven't I given enough?' and 'Always the fool, slowest heart', linger in your thoughts. The track is filled with aestheticism and warmth.

Dive into the tune here.


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