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Get on the Train-Wreck in Backstrom's latest hit!


Backstrom is a Sweden-based folk, country, and rock singer-songwriter. Known for his skills in collaborating with other musicians all the time, Backstrom started their journey when they first picked up a Mandolin and then got into drums soon after. Inspired by many artists, Backstrom has explored a lot of genres such as British Heavy Metal, Rock'n'Roll, and Country music. This diverse history in music can be witnessed in their latest track, Train-Wreck Coming!

Backstrom expertly crafted the strong, but not too complicated melody of this song. The intro will make you blue as the husky voice of Backstrom caresses your eardrums. The country drum work is to die for. If you're into country and a rock fan you need to give this a listen!!

DIve into the Tune here -


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