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Fusing different music styles with David Munoz!

David Munoz is a talented singer-songwriter known for his extraordinary skill in mixing different styles of music in his work. He is a devout student and was trained by the late Don Ciccone of the hit factory group Frankie Valli. David has shown his prowess in music countless times in his recording career, garnering multiple places on iTunes charts internationally with his popular track "Love is Like a Crystal". What got us hooked on him today is his latest single "Here I Am"!

"Here I Am" is a pop-rock ballad about lost love asking for a second chance to be better, letting go of the things that happened in the past, and pleading for another go. The track is atmospheric, introducing a soft pad in the start acoustic guitar strumming to ease the listener. It starts getting wild from there on with David's strong vocals and the epic electric guitar riffs. The choir is the cherry on top adding a certain orchestral flavour to the mix. The rap break will take you by surprise though!! You must be out of your mind to sleep on this banger!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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