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FICMARO's 'Now So Am I': A Sonic Odyssey in Contemporary Music

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary music, FICMARO emerges as a boundary-pushing talent. As a self-taught musician and composer, he represents a new breed of artists who leverage their creativity and talent to explore and redefine musical boundaries. His latest release, EP 2 is a seamless fusion of electronica, italo-disco, dance, and electro-clash. A standout track from the EP, is his latest release, “Now So Am I.” Listening to this song can be compared to embarking on a rollercoaster of emotions, drawing listeners onto a 3-and-a-half-minute ride of profound feelings and thoughts. What makes the song even more intriguing is its bold venture into themes of futurism, machinery, and pop culture, adding an intricate layer of complexity and innovation to the track. By pushing the boundaries of auditory innovation and transcending conventional norms, this song throws the spotlight onto the ever-evolving nature of contemporary music. “Now So Am I” captivates listeners while highlighting the potential of music to push creative boundaries and convey deep emotions in the digital age.

Dive into the tune here :


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